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The Golden Rule Of Business

The Golden Rule Of Business

Here’s a piece that will help you improve your marketing, sales, company culture and personal happiness.  It’s a bold statement, but getting clear on your Golden Rule of Business is a powerful thing. And it’s not easy.

I was a wild kid. Unruly. I’m sure many entrepreneurs can relate to the attitude of defiance and curiosity to push boundaries. I’d break things (and rules) just to see how they worked on the inside. That level of curiosity is what has made many of us into successful entrepreneurs. Sometimes we put things back together in a way that works even better.

There wasn’t a rule I didn’t try to break. Except one. It was really the only rule I can remember my father teaching me. The Golden Rule. My father taught it to me as “treat people the way you want to be treated.”

Doing unto others as you would have them do unto you is f*ckin’ hard. The Law of Reciprocity is a maxim of altruism and applies to every culture on earth. But this isn’t an article about being nice to people.

The Golden Rule of Business is “sell unto others as you would have them sell unto you,” and this doesn’t only relate to professional sales. It’s actually quite simple. It means do business the way you want people to do business with you.

If you sell online, sell the way that you wish everyone else did: with top-notch product quality, customer service that sweeps you off your feet, and shipping and return policies you think are amazing. For example, one thing I love about Amazon is their shipping and return policy, so all my eCommerce stores have low-cost flat-rate shipping and no-questions-asked return policies. Identify all the best policies and procedures of companies that you love and implement them. Or be bold: go a step further and create a higher standard!

If you’re in B2B sales, sell to people the way you wish people sold to you. Sell with the honesty, empathy, integrity and thoughtfulness that you would like someone else to use when selling to you. If you like it when people take a unique, creative approach when reaching out to you, practice the same. If you like it when someone takes the time to understand you, your business and your goals before they make the pitch, practice the same with your customers. If you like it when it feels like a real, human conversation and not a sales call, start having real, human conversations with your customers. In short, create a sales process that you respect and are proud of.

When you’re creating a brand, product or service, create something you would personally desire or see a need for. You and your company will gain integrity and respect. Your self-confidence and excitement to start each day will only increase as you get closer to running your dream company.

Decide now how you wish people did business with you. Decide what company policies and procedures would make you want to buy from yourself. Decide what will make you completely stand out from your competitors. It’ll be a game changer.

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